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What you’ll need:

Baguette (we used focacia) | Basil | Fresh mozzarella | Heirloom tomato | Olive oil | Butter | Balsamic glaze  | Grill pan or panini press

What you’ll do:

Butter both sides of your bread, cut tomato into thin slices and place onto one side of bread. You’ll then place a handful of basil atop the tomato and lastly, place your thin sliced, fresh mozzarella (the order of which you place onto your bread really does not matter). Place the other half of your bread to close the sandwich and place on your grill pan or panini press (be sure to add a little olive oil to the pan). If you’re using a grill pan, just press down gently on each side of the sandwich, once you you start to see the grill lines and your ingredients melt together, you’re all set!

Don’t forget to top it off with drizzled balsamic glaze. I’ve made myself hungry.

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I promised myself to start putting all of my jewels to use. I have a tendency of wearing the same pieces for weeks on end then switching them out for the next best thing. In my defense, I don’t exactly have my options laid out on beautiful trays to pick from. In reality, my jewels are somewhat tangled in pouches and unused clutch’s, but soon enough this will change! My Sister has promised to help me get organized and I plan to take full advantage of this. So next up, we’ll be on the hunt for the best ways to organize and neatly lay out my jewelry – I’ve got my eye on a few pieces from Glamboxes like this one & this one.

In the mean time, I wanted to share a few of my favorite jewels I’ve been wearing lately that range from low to high. One designer in particular I can’t get enough of is Lulu Frost. Her eclectic styles fit me perfectly with choices of fine jewelry with a twist to art deco and even a collection inspired by the numbers & letters at The Plaza Hotel (my all time favorite).

Shop some of the options from above and others I’d love to have as well:


With Fall officially here, we’ve rounded up 10 ways to decorate for both interior and exterior. From pumpkins to florals to entertaining and blankets, there’s quite a few ways to cozy up your home for Fall. Even the smallest touch can change the aesthetic and instantly put you in a good mood – because who doesn’t love Fall?

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