This past holiday break was not only relaxing, but productive. While we’ve been getting cozy in our New York City apartment, there’s still a few projects we’ve yet to get done (I know, how is that possible? We’ve been here since May). Curt was determined to finish my gallery wall in our home office and I could not be happier. I’ve loved the idea of having my own gallery wall for a while now, but when we began to execute one a few months back I quickly became overwhelmed – how will I know what pieces go together and what size frames will need to fit within each other? Not to mention we (fortunately) have very high ceilings, so I was uncertain where to start and end the gallery wall. Of course, Curt was here to save the day. He created his own outlines for creating an “easy to do” gallery wall, here are his pointers:

1. Find the focal point on your wall. In our case we decided that our gallery wall would look great centered over my desk in the office.

DSC_1018 - Copy

2. After choosing a wall, using simple tools like a measuring tape, a level, a pencil, and painters tape, draw out how large of a gallery you would like.

DSC_1057 - Copy

3. After determining the size and shape of the gallery using the measuring tape, level, and painters tape. We used this as the perimeter of the gallery. This is helpful for many reasons, but more importantly using the painters tape as a guideline to keep the frames straight and leveled with each other around the perimeter.

DSC_0976 - Copy

4. Curt also used masking tape (less thicker than painters tape) to create consistent spacing throughout the gallery. As you can see, we chose frames of all shapes and sizes. The masking tape is just a suggestion to keep the frames at an even distance away from each other.

With Curt’s easy tips, my hardest decision was choosing prints and decor for the wall. I decided on things that I would genuinely want to see everyday, while keeping the bottom portion work friendly – allowing me to place the inspiration for our wedding and design clients.

KCYouThere_Wall_2015-4 KCYouThere_Wall_2015-9KCYouThere_Wall_2015-15KCYouThere_Wall_2015-10KCYouThere_Wall_2015-30KCYouThere_Wall_2015-32




            {Had to include my personalized note from Martha Stewart}

KCYouThere_Wall_2015-159 KCYouThere_Wall_2015-169 KCYouThere_Wall_2015-117

Photos by Alyssa Greenberg

K & C, Paris is Always a Good Idea, The World is Your Oyster, Eat Cake for Breakfast, Gold foil feather, Bulletin canvas via HomeGoods // Urchin // Thoughts Become Things // Holla

Shop a few other wall pieces I absolutely love..










Photos by Curt Rogers | Location: Midtown East

Coat: Forever 21 (short version) // Top: American Eagle (on major sale!) // Jeans: DL1961 c/o (similar) // Shoes: Christian Louboutin (similar, similar) // Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (love this version too)// Ring: Mark // Polish: L’oreal “hit the slopes”

I can’t even express how happy I am to have this floor length faux fur coat this Winter. I have a serious obsession with coats like this, so Curt was sweet enough to add to my collection this Christmas. Though the weather has dropped significantly in NYC, I’m most comfortable in flats, boyfriend jeans and an over-sized coat – so my sparkly flats and new denim will be on rotation frequently.  While the top seems more appropriate for New Year’s..technically, it’s a new year and I’m celebrating! 2015 is panning out to be really exciting as we continue to grow our company (with a whole new look on its way), work on new collaborations and projects for the blog and schedule a travel packed couple of months – we’re pretty confident they’ll be much to toast to.









DSC_1226    DSC_1234










I had so much fun putting together this particular shoot. While I kept it simple, I wanted to show just how easy it is to whip up a fun wine night in with ONEHOPE Wine. Aside from the fact that their wines are truly tasteful, ONEHOPE stands out from the rest for one major reason – they give back. With each bottle purchased, ONEHOPE gives half (yes, HALF) of the profits to a particular group in need. Here’s what each of the wines I chose supports: Brut: end childhood hunger, Sauvignon Blanc: save our planet, Merlot: end global disease, Zinfandel: support our troops, Cabarnet Sauvignon: help children with autism. With so many ways to host a wine night, here are a few tips on how I executed mine:

1. Lay out a chalkboard runner (brown paper works too, just use a marker!)

2. Lay out your glasses and let your guests know which glass is for what (you’d be surprised, sometimes people need reminders)

3. Offer an array of treats – I kept it simple with sweets, almonds and of course, cheese

3. After laying out your wines, distinguish what your guests should taste with each one – this enhances the taste!

4. Don’t forget the water! I offered both sparkling & flat

Here’s a small cheat sheet for what to pair with these 5 particular styles I chose. I plan on creating the ultimate wine pairing list in the near future, so stay tuned!

Brut (sparkling wine, like champagne) -> almonds

Sauvignon Blanc -> milk chocolate, pepper jack, sharp cheddar, brie

Merlot -> dark & milk chocolate, sharp cheddar, brie

Zinfandel -> dark chocolate

Cabarnet Sauvignon -> dark chocolate, sharp cheddar

Shop below to host your own wine night at home:

Visit ONEHOPE Wine to learn more about the foundations they support and to see their entire wine list!